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In 2013, 6.3 million babies and toddlers died from preventable causes. In fact, the majority of children are still dying from disease, lack of nutrition, and ...



Keota placing bricks into rows in the very hot brick factory. She shares, "I used to help my parents work in the brick factory after school hours."
Summary: 11-year-old Keota shares her experiences working in a brick factory in order to help her parents earn money to support the family. She dreams of being a cosmetician because the work is much easier and she would be able to be neat and clean all the time. Keota got to know World Vision's Social Mobilization Against Child Labor Project (SMCLP) staff and has learned many things at the SMCLP's centre with many other children. Keota says, "I now become an outstanding student in class. I am healthy, and I can focus on studying. I am happy to hear my mother say that she will not let me give up school. She supports me, and I will study hard. I will not give my studying because I want my dream to come true. I dream to be a cosmetician." 
Project Name: Social Mobilization Against Child Labour

Is the U.S. forgetting about child labor?

July 30, 2015

Today is recognized as World Day Against Trafficking in Persons – including the 5....


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