Learn the facts about preventable child deaths and the solutions that are helping save lives. You’ll also find inspiring success stories, read about the progress being made, and discover the roots of biblical social justice and how it motivates us to act.

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In 2013, 6.3 million babies and toddlers died from preventable causes. In fact, the majority of children are still dying from disease, lack of nutrition, and ...



Pastor Jornito Jorge, 35, in his church. He received training from World Vision thanks to child sponsorship in the Namanjavira Area Development Program.  Summary: Pastor Jornito Jorge, 35, received training from World Vision thanks to child sponsorship in the Namanjivira Area Development Program.  Through this training, he learned about the Community Care Coalition (CCC), which World Vision had started in other communities. The CCC provides for the physical and material needs of children left vulnerable due to poverty.  "Through this training I learned to wear the shoes of somebody else. If this was me, how would I feel? I thought it was good for me to help those in need," Pastor Jorge says. Through the CCC, the community now cares for 144 children. Pastor Jorge gives credit to World Vision and the training he received. Without the training he wouldn't have even begun "because I didn't have an idea how to start this work."

Day of Prayer

October 1, 2015

Today, Thursday October 1st, World Vision celebrates Day of Prayer. This is a chance ...


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