Biblical Advocacy Training

Ever wonder how to seek justice biblically?  Are you ready to move beyond talking about justice…to action?  Want to help your church engage in helping children survive and thrive beyond 5?

Join World Vision for a day of biblical teaching, discussion, and practical training in biblical advocacy.  The training explores:michigan training photo

  • The role of the Church in justice and advocacy
  • Secular vs. biblical approaches to advocacy
  • Skills and abilities that can be used to advocate effectively
  • Practical tips for meeting with elected officials
  • Ways your church can steward its influence on behalf of children and families living in poverty

Churches interested in hosting a training will be asked to provide appropriate meeting facilities, A/V capabilities, and may be asked to provide snacks and coffee, tea, etc.  World Vision staff will facilitate the training for 25-100 people, provide all relevant materials and necessary meals, free of charge.

Please use this form to request more details or to recommend your church as a host site for a future training.


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