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Thank you for partnering with World Vision to steward the influence God has given you on behalf of those facing poverty around the world. Use this page to prepare for in-district meetings or other advocacy about key policies pending in the U.S. Congress that impact women and children.

Current advocacy priorities for World Vision include:

  • Funding for the International Labor Affairs Bureau (ILAB) to end child labor
  • Funding for Humanitarian Accounts to help refugees
  • Passage of the Reach Every Mother and Child Act of 2015 (S. 1911, HR. 3706) to save moms and kids

Below you’ll find resources to learn more about these policy measures as well as tips and tools to help you conduct a successful in-district meeting from start to finish. Also, be sure to check out our resources page for other helpful infographics and statistics about these issues.

After your meeting, please complete the reporting form, below, to share the outcomes of your meetings with us – critical information that impacts the success of future advocacy with those representatives. You can also update us via email and contact us at any time with questions or comments at

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