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Beyond 5 is a community of everyday advocates—mothers, students, church members, and ordinary people —who refuse to accept that 17,000 children should die daily of preventable causes before reaching their fifth birthday. We are committed to working together through 2015 and beyond to help dramatically lower that number.

Most children under 5 die from causes we can prevent with simple solutions. What will help these children get beyond their fifth birthday?
Simple Solutions
Beyond 5 is one part of the global movement responding to these unjust realities, and advocates around the world are raising their voices to make sure every child of God experiences life in all its fullness (John 10:10). We invite you to mobilize your networks—your church, your neighborhood, your school—and to join us in helping every child get beyond 5.

Check back often at beyond5.org/resources to access and download more tools as they’re developed. We’ll have prayer guides, videos, church resources, and suggested activities for you to use to mobilize your community.

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In 2013, 6.3 million babies and toddlers died from preventable causes. In fact, the majority of children are still dying from disease, lack of nutrition, and ...



Genet, age 13, (yellow t-shirt) lost her parents and is being raised by a local family in Antsokia Valley. She's currently in Grade 7 at school. Here she plays at Abebe's farm. Share summary: Abebe was 20-years-old when the 1984 famine hit. He watched as it dried out his land, starved his daughter and killed his crops. Without much hope for the future, he took his young family to World Vision’s emergency feeding centre -- where their fortune changed. Today Abebe is a model farmer producing famous crops that bring buyers far and wide and is an example of how World Vision’s development work has transformed Antsokia Valley from barren wasteland to breadbasket in less than 30 years.  Project: Antsokia ADP  Context: UK resource gathering trip for the 30th anniversary of the 1984 Ethiopia famine, and UK campaign 'The Growing Season.'   Note: freelance photographer.

More than a drop in the bucket: Progress on water.

July 21, 2015

Last year we talked a lot about the Water for the World Act. There are many critical ...


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