Posted by: beyond5 July 2014

Yesterday, the Girls Count Act was introduced in the Senate. This is significant progress in passing a bill that makes sure every child is accounted for, because every child matters.

Millions of children remain invisible to their government and unable to fully participate in their communities each year. They are denied education and health services and are at risk for exploitation, violence, abuse, and underage recruitment into armed forces, all because they do not have a simple piece of paper — a birth certificate.


“Every day, 15,000 babies are born and die without ever receiving a piece of paper. The lack of recording reflects the world’s acceptance that these deaths are inevitable. This fatalism, lack of attention, and lack of investment are the reasons behind lagging progress in reducing newborn deaths – and even slower for progress in reducing stillbirths. In reality, these deaths are nearly all preventable.Counting and naming every newborn is a statement that we expect that baby to survive and receive the care he or she needs, especially around birth.”
-Professor Lawn, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.


What can you do?

Thank Senators Marco Rubio and Jeanne Shaheen for introducing the Girls Count ActTweet: Thank you @marcorubio @SenatorShaheen for introducing the Senate #GirlsCount act! We agree, every child matters.

Call and email your members of Congress to ask them to cosponsor the Girls Count Act.

Find your Senator on Twitter and ask them to cosponsor the #GirlsCount act (You can find out who your Senators are at
Tweet: (find your Senator's Twitter ID) please cosponsor the #GirlsCount act. Every child needs to be accounted for, because every child matters.

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Photo: ©2014 Katia Maldonado/World Vision