Posted by: beyond5 April 2014

May 1-8 is the Global Week of Action, an international event to unite millions of people around the globe to send one message to the world’s national leaders: Maternal and child health matters.

When we talk to leaders about maternal and child health, we are talking about prenatal care and assistance during delivery. We also speak about issues such as as clean drinking water, sanitation, nutrition, malaria, planning pregnancies, vaccines, and many other things that give mothers and children the best chance at life.

How can you participate?

1. Find a picture! Call your mom, look through old photo albums, admire the fashion choices. Think Throwback Thursday with a purpose.

2. Between May 1-8, post your picture to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram and tag it #MomandMe. Challenge your friends to do the same. 

3. Check back here regularly to see the campaign unfold and the results of the week.

In 2012, 2 million people from 82 countries joined the Global Week of Action. See what they did:

Each day, 18,000 children around the world die before celebrating their fifth birthday. To reduce this number, we must begin with healthy moms.

Every year, more than 40 million women give birth at home without the help of a skilled birth attendant. Every day, nearly 800 women die during pregnancy or childbirth and about 8,000 newborn babies die during their first month of life.

Participate in Global Week of Action by showing the importance of your mom in your life. Help us take a stand for moms and babies by posting to your social networks a picture of you when you were young, with your mom, and tag it with #MomandMe with a message of support for maternal and child health. These photos will be used to tell Congress that maternal and child health are important and you are one of millions who feel this is an important issue.

Sample Tweets or messages could include:

A photo to honor my mom and moms around the world. Better maternal & child health = less global poverty. #MomandMe [pic]

Every mom matters. Supporting moms around the world during #globalweekofaction. #MomandMe [pic]

Using my voice for #GlobalWeekofAction to keep moms alive and get kids #beyond5. #MomandMe [twitpic]

Tweet: Join me for the #GlobalWeekofAction! Healthy babies need healthy moms. Find your pics! #MomandMe @WVUSadvocacy
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